The Powerful Preparation System for High-quality Specimen Preparation

Tegramin facts

  • Precise and accurate preparation result
  • Automatic high quality specimen preparation
  • Automatic dosing functions
  • Designed for reproducibility
  • Precise force control
  • Removal measurement on specimen holders
  • Cone disc system

Tegramin is designed for perfect and reproducible preparation results when making materialographic inspection. The compact design with integrated specimen mover head together with an automated process control and user-friendly operation makes the Tegramin grinding/polishing machine unique and unmatched. All features on Tegramin have been developed in close cooperation with experienced metallographers for maximum preparation quality and fast results.

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Perfect preparation result

A sturdy and durable design, with a dual column construction for the specimen mover head, and a massive aluminium base with no vibrations, is your guarantee of the absolute best preparation result.

Advanced dosing functions

Precise dosing of diamond suspension and lubricant is an important factor for increase reproducibility of the preparation results. Tegramin is equipped with a pump calibration function ensuring constant dosing levels throughout the entire lifetime of the machine.

Individual specimens or specimen holders

Tegramin-30 and -25 can be used to prepare both single specimens and specimens clamped in a holder. For fast and easy handling, the specimen mover head will always stop at the position at which it was started, and a specific key is used to rotate the specimen mover plate to facilitate insertion and removal of specimens.

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  • Tegramin rigid design

    Rigid Design and Precise Force Control

    On the massive, cast aluminium base, a sturdy construction carrying the specimen mover head is fixed. The up/down movement is based on two strong columns making the entire systems as solid as possible. This has a very positive effect on specimen planeness and noise during preparation.

    Rigid Design and Precise Force Control
  • Tegramin method database

    Method Database

    Tegramin includes 10 Struers Metalog Guide methods which cover all major material groups. They are developed for maximum performance of the Tegramin and allow you to get started right away. They also provide an excellent starting point for development of your own methods.

    Method Database
  • Tegramin convenient dosing

    Convenient Automatic Dosing

    Three different dosing modules are available for Tegramin: A module with one pump for DP-Suspension or lubricant, a module with two pumps for DP-Suspensions or lubricants, and one module with two pumps for DP-Suspensions or lubricants and one pump with water connection for OP-Suspensions. These modules can be combined in various ways, opening for many different combination possibilities and up to 7 pumps in total.

    Convenient Automatic Dosing
  • Tegramin easy access

    Easy access and cleaning

    To further facilitate cleaning, Tegramin-30 and -25 are equipped with a bowl flush function. While the disc is rotating, disc cooling is activated. The water that is sprayed on the bottom of the MD-Disc is distributed to the walls of the bowl, washing away loose debris.

    Easy access and cleaning
  • Tegramin


    As an option a transparent cover that encloses the entire preparation area is available. The cover offers several advantages: when alcohol-based consumables are used, all the fumes are contained within the cover. The cover can be connected to an exhaust and all fumes can be removed without any personal exposure.

  • Tegramin md disk

    MD-Disk with cone

    It is very easy to remove the MD-Disc and it allows therefore the fast exchange of the bowl liner. It has a higher mass than the traditional MD-Disc so it also keeps the temperature of the preparation surface lower and can easier be cooled down using the disc cooling function.

    MD-Disk with cone
  • Tegramin removable bowl liner

    Removable bowl liner

    A bowl liner that fits precisely into the bowl collects all debris that is not washed down the drain. When the machine has to be cleaned, the bowl liner can easily be removed. It can then either be cleaned or discarded.

    Removable bowl liner
  • Tegramin LED

    LED Light

    Illuminates the entire preparation area and makes it easy to follow the preparation process. When not used for 10 min. the Tegramin will enter a standby mode which saves electricity and by this protecting the environment.

    LED Light
  • Tegramin emergency stop

    Emergency Stop

    For immediate stopping of all moving parts in case of an emergency

    Emergency Stop
  • Tegramin easy operation

    Recirculation cooling unit

    One of Struers' recirculation cooling systems can be connected to Tegramin. This is especially useful to collect grinding debris and to avoid blocking the draining system in the lab. It is also very useful when water is scarce or when there simply is no water connection nearby.

    Recirculation cooling unit
  • Tegramin knob

    Multifunction (Turn/Push) Knob

    Tegramin is designed with a large colour display for easy operation. The navigation in the software and change of parameters are very fast and easy by the turn/push knob.

    Multifunction (Turn/Push) Knob
  • Removal measurement

    Removal Measurement

    A built-in removal sensor allows for the measurement of material removal in the range from 50 - 5,000 μm. Instead of relying on preparation time, especially when grinding various numbers of specimens, the necessary amount of material to be removed can be specified. This guarantees the shortest possible grinding time while ensuring that sufficient material has been removed.

    Removal Measurement
  • Tegramin automatic locking

    Automatic Locking of Specimen Mover Plates

    After the specimen mover plate has been moved into the correct position over the preparation surface, the coupling is locked inside the specimen mover head. This completely avoids any small movements of the specimen mover plate, resulting in a tremendous improvement in specimen planeness. The specimen mover plate is locked in place with a single screw on Tegramin-20.

    Automatic Locking of Specimen Mover Plates
  • Tegramin different disk sizes

    Three Different Disk Sizes

    Depending on the number and size of specimens to be prepared different system sizes are available.

    Tegramin is available for three different disc sizes:
    Tegramin-30 for 300 mm discs, Tegramin-25 for 250 mm discs and Tegramin-20 for 200 mm discs.

    Three Different Disk Sizes


Model types

Tegramin is available in three variations, see specifications for details.


Tegramin preparation system for high-quality specimen preparation
Automatic, microprocessor-controlled machine for grinding and polishing of specimens on a 200 mm MD-Disk with a cone. Dosing modules, an MD-Disk with a cone, and specimen holders are ordered separately. Tegramin-20 can be ordered with or without a transparent cover.


Tegramin preparation system for high-quality specimen preparation
Automatic, microprocessor-controlled machine for grinding and polishing of specimens on a 250 mm MD-Disk with a cone. Dosing modules, a MD-Disk with a cone, and specimen holders are ordered separately. Tegramin-25 can be ordered with or without a transparent cover.


Tegramin preparation system for high-quality specimen preparation
Automatic, microprocessor-controlled machine for grinding and polishing of specimens on a 300 mm MD-Disk with a cone. Dosing modules, an MD-Disk with a cone, and specimen holders are ordered separately. Tegramin-30 can be ordered with or without a transparent cover.

Struers’ equipment is in conformity with the provisions of the applicable international directives and their appurtenant standards.
Struers’ products are subject to constant product development. Therefore, we reserve the right to introduce changes to our products without notice.

Technical Data

Tegramin-20/-25/-30 Technical Data Sheet

Struers Technical Data Sheets are designed to help you make the best choice of equipment for your particular purpose. You can find important information such as capacity and performance specifications, dimensions, weight, electrical data, noise levels, ambient conditions, and safety. In many cases you can also obtain an overview of accessories offering higher capacity and performance.

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Technical Data Sheet

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My relationship with Struers dates back over many years. The reason is their expert advice, good service, and their use of our application laboratory in the case of difficult questions that are best resolved on-site. WWU Münster, Institut für Planetologie Ursula Heitmann Mineral Specimen Preparer
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The Tegramin-25 and CitoPress-20 mean considerably easier and shorter workflows in the lab, and can be recommended. Stahlhärterei Haupt GmbH: Arkadiusz Bytner Labor and Quality Management Officer
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“Struers Tegramin-30 enables us to achieve specimens free of scratches for improved evaluation, and saves us time and labor when compared to our former manual preparation with aluminum oxide.” Federal-Mogul Powertrain Mark Gibbins Materials Tester in Metal Technology